What is Amazon Prime? Is it worth?

If you want to know what is Amazon prime, get ready to be amazed because the answer will surprise you. Amazon prime is more than a mere speedy shipping service.

If your question is, what is Amazon Prime? Why should I subscribe to Amazon Prime?

The answer is straightforward. It is a service that provides its subscribers with access to several different perks like Amazon prime-day deals, expedited 2-day shipping, amazon prime video, and discount on whole-food products.

The subscription charges of $119 a year or $12.99 a month, you might hesitate to join the community of Amazon with a hundred and fifty million subscribers. Don’t worry; we won’t blame you for this.

If you are wondering what are the benefits of Amazon Prime? For you to make a well-informed decision, we are going to breakdown everything a person gets after this remarkable subscription. As when it is about Amazon prime subscription, the only things you get are perks and benefits, and some of them are listed below.

Free same day shipping

When you say free two-day shipping, you sound like living in 2005 when Amazon launched. Today time is everything. Today amazon prime is focusing on providing more stuff to its customer in a more fast way. Now you can enjoy free same-day delivery on more than 1 million products in about 10,000 cities and towns.

Free two-hour delivery

And if same-day delivery is not mouth-watering for you. For those impulse shoppers, the “Amazon Prime Now” service is offering delivery within two hours in 93 markets (the number increasing very fast). This free two-hour delivery is available for Kindles, the food from member restaurants to your doorstep, and most important of all grocery orders from the whole-foods market. How one can forget about electronics and beauty products, Amazon Prime Now hasn’t either. You can also have a range of gadgets and accessories from the internet to your hands in two hours.

Get paid for patience

The fruit of patience is always sweet. And at Amazon, it gets the most delicious. If you have some patience with your order and you select no-rush at the time of checkout. You can earn a discount or a promotional award for future Amazon purchases. And this no-rush purchase order will arrive within six working days. And for prime members its three working days.

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Amazon Prime wardrobe

If you want to try your online purchased clothes before the actual purchase, Amazon Prime has got your back; now, you can buy from any category like men, women, kids, but be careful that product must have a Prime Wardrobe logo. You will get free home delivery to your doorstep. Now you have seven days to time to decide whether you want to purchase this stuff or not.

If you don’t like the material, the only two things you need to get rid of are these clothes. One put them back in the re-sealable box in which they have come, and past prepaid return label also came with the box. And second is to take it to a UPS outlet. They will handle the rest.

Shop some smiles

Now you can do charity and bring smiles on the faces of deserving people by merely doing some random shopping. Isn’t it amazing? This unbelievable thing is possible on the Amazon-Smile page. You can go on this page and buy stuff with the same prices available on the regular page. Select from the list of more than a million eligible charitable organizations. The foundation you pick will get 0.5% of the value of the thing you purchased.

Unlimited storage (for photo, video, and documents)

You can create a vault for your storage of photos, videos, and documents with unlimited space. And the beautiful thing here is that you can add five family members or friends to this account. So they can access these files on any device on which they can access their Amazon Prime account. You also get some personal five GB storage not accessible by your shared family and friend members to this vault.

Benefits for students

If you have got a legit “.edu” school email address, you get your Amazon Prime subscription fee for the whole six months. This one time only free trial would give you free same day pick up, free two-day Prime shipping, unlimited movie streaming, and access to the very famous Amazon music only for the rate of 99 cents per month. And after six months, you only pay $6.49 for a month, which is cheaper than the actual Amazon Prime subscription fee. Plus, when you need textbooks, this is the biggest platform for all the books, and these come with discounts.

Access to free music

Once you have subscribed to your Amazon Prime account, you would not need to pay for Apple Music, Spotify, or ad-free Pandora. This subscription would give you access to more than 2 million songs, and there are playlists and stations programmed by Amazon experts at no extra cost. The tracks are regularly updated here. And the selections for songs are always changing. Just download the app for Amazon music and have the taste of music in your way. But if you are an intense music lover, then you should go pro by switching to “Amazon Music Unlimited” this service gives you access to over more than 50 million songs. And this service costs an extra $7.99 a month to Prime members.

Free streaming of prime movies and TV series

If you are a binge-watcher and want to have access to all the famous movies and tv series, you do not need to pay an extra penny to satiate your cravings if you are a Prime member. Amazon Prime service also gives the privilege of streaming unlimited movies and series for you. If you have a newer tv with a built-in Amazon app, then all you need is some popcorn and push of a button that would take you into the new worlds of fantasy, horror, action, and adventure.

Free magazines, books, and audiobooks

When you have paid for Prime subscription, it gives you free access to thousands of magazines, books, and audiobooks collected in Prime reading. The available data here is updated regularly. You can view this content by fire tablet or kindle reader, and your all household can get the hang of it by borrowing comics, short books, magazines, and books in audible narration. There is a bonus for Prime members as well, and they can access audiobook series and specific podcasts through this subscription for free.

For new moms and new dads

Now, in Amazon Prime, you also have Amazon family. This category is for new parents and their babies, where they can have a 20% discount on diapers, baby food, and many more items. They all come with shipping and free returns. Prime members can also feel to be Prime parents by subscribing to this single offer. You also get great discounts on kid-friendly items, clothes, and toys. It also gives the whole family the joy to provide the best quality products on the doorstep with free shipping.

Buy for me Alexa

If you have an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, this prime membership gives you access to purchase using Alexa. For example, if you have run out of your flashlight batteries. All you need to do is say, “Alexa, order AA batteries.” You will get your batteries at your doorstep and remember that the shipping is free for Prime members. Since Alexa is wise enough to already know about your time status, you can also say Alexa, what are your deals? And you will have the right discounted products with free shipping through Alexa. The shopping through this Prime membership has gone to the next level, and you start to feel living in a sci-fi world where robots do everything.

Whole Food for Prime members

Amazon purchased Whole Foods in 2017. From that time forward, shoppers can order food items through amazon. Prime members have aces to 365 Everyday Value, Whole-catch, and Whole paws. And most significant of all that Amazon is also providing free two-hour delivery of grocery products from Whole Foods to their Prime members in selected cities.
Prime members visiting the Whole Foods store can also enjoy a 10% discount on all products. All you need to do is download the app on your phone—login through your prime account. And let them scan the code on your checkout. And if you want to return something from Amazon.com, the Whole Foods store is the place for the comforting deal.

The treasure trucks

Log in to your account, look for the deal of the day and make a purchase online, and you will get the notification for the arrival of this treasure truck in your vicinity.

Free delivery to your car

Your vehicle must lie in the category of the Amazon list. If it does just download the key by Amazon app, and this will give you access to the delivery driver for the location of your ride. You don’t need anything here. Just park your car in an accessible space or road. When the driver arrives, Amazon will notify you and will unlock your vehicle at the same time. The package will place inside your car, and Amazon will lock the car and inform you again.

Amazon household

If you want your significant other or your spouse to enjoy the same privileges you are experiencing on Amazon Prime, all you need to do is add the adult account and agree to the payment plan for both. Prime has also taken care of your kids. They can also have to parent restricted access and enjoy the fun of shopping.

Prime pantry

If you don’t like to buy grocery items in bulk, this pantry is the best place for you. Pantry stocks the items not available on Amazon.com in the household category. In return, you don’t need to buy bulk and fill your bucket to its full capacity.
For the answer to your question, Is it worth a shot to spend more than $100 on Amazon prime subscription? Just look at all the benefits listed above and go for the subscriptions (and thank us later).

Major Benefits for Prime users

When amazon starts discount offers on its website, Prime users see the deals and offers one day before the normal amazon account users. It is the best and ultimate thing about the amazon prime.

And they have the benefits of extra discounts than normal amazon users. Prime users have benefits of 10-20% instant discounts on their credit or debit cards.

Amazon prime VS Netflix and other streaming services

You already know that Netflix is amazing platform for movies and web series. They can produce their own films and series as well.

It is an excellent OTT platform; there is no doubt about that. But when we compare Amazon Prime and Netflix and other streaming services, Amazon Prime is a great deal because it offers superfast delivery on groceries, electronics and offers streaming services also. And it also provides music services for prime subscribers.

Amazon prime is cheaper than Netflix and other OTT platforms. It is affordable and offers a single plan, and you can add up to 5 of your family members to that account.

I hope you will clarify your doubt about What is Amazon Prime? and its benefits.

Conclusion :

From the above article, you know that it is a great premium subscription. It is worth pricing at a cheap price. The decision is yours to take this subscription or not.

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