15 Best video editor apps for android (2020)

Are you tired of searching the best video editor apps for your android mobile then you have no worries. We are providing the best video editor apps for Android for 2020, and it’s free.

By using these apps, you can edit your videos professionally and quickly. You don’t have any experience of video editing for using these apps.

You don’t have to pay any single penny for using these apps. Some of the apps on the list are easy to use, and they don’t have any watermark.

But some apps in the list have the Watermark, but you can delete it by cropping the video on your gallery. These top apps are absolutely free and easy to use.


This app was going to be the best video editor app on the list because it is effortless to use and super handy. Anyone can edit videos in this app without any experience.

It is absolutely free to use. There is no pro version or premium version to this app. And you can edit Without Watermark.

You can zoom in or zoom out videos in the timeline. It has many special features that you can add no.of transitions, and you can do no.of cuts to the video and add music and many more useful options are there in the app.

It’s like the lighter version of the software that uses in the computer. It has some beautiful transitions by default. You can also colour the video and add special effects to it.

After the completion of the video, you can save with the quality up to 1080p.


2.Action Director

This app provides minimal features to edit your videos. You have a chance to edit sharpness of the video colour grading of the video.

It offers a lot of transitions and colour gradings by default. You do not need to create your own transitions. The best feature in the app is that you can reverse the video very quickly and comfortably.

It provides speedy and handy features to use and edit videos. By default, it has a watermark, but you can remove it by watching 30seconds advertisement.

After watching the advertisement, you cannot see the Watermark anywhere in your edited video. Trust me, and it’s worth watching the advertisement.


3.Filmora Go

By using FilmoraGo, you edit videos for youtube or any other streaming platforms very easily. Filmora is an app that uses in computers for editing videos very speedily and efficiently.

FilmoraGo is the lighter version for mobile users. It also has a premium version, but you don’t need a premium version because it provides lots of features in the regular version.

It has a custom transition effects that provides stunning transitions that didn’t offer by any other app in the list. You can also add beautiful intro and outro to your videos.


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4.Magisto – Video Editor & Music Slideshow Maker

Now Magisto is by the guys over at Vimeo, and mostly this is a very different video editing application in the way that you can make slideshows and edit videos.

The application has fixed the templates, and it puts it into clips to create cool looking restricted stuff. But, when you enter it, it’s not too professional.

So if your intention is to you know to create a short slideshow whether it’s for a birthday party or you want to edit a very standard commercial Video from From your phone, then I think this is what the app does.

So you import your footage to add the theme then you add the title and hit on the done button.

And the app creates a reality for you it’s not editing on the added score, but it’s something that helps you get the job done if this is your requirement and it’s free.


5.Viva cut

Viva cut is necessarily going to be your go-to best video editor application for android from now on. If you know a more classic video editing method is what you’re using.

By using this, you can edit entire timeline stuff. Basically, the timeline is adding a different kind of texts, different transitions and things like that.

Now, this app also has its own music library, which is copyright free, and as far as I know, you can download music directly from the app itself and add it down to your timeline.

The only bad thing is since it’s the free version you get that made with viva cut you know Watermark on everything that you do. But the transitions that the application has and the different varieties of editing options that it offers are suitable for the tiny Watermark which you have to bear it’s cool.


6.Film Maker

Well, guys this as far as my knowledge goes came the closest to a very traditional video editing, you know feel that I am used when I edit on my computer. 

It is essentially a video editing application where you’ve got everything. You know adding different Clips are changing their speed, adding different types of cards adding transitions adding music selecting the aspect ratio. 

You know adding blurred on particular objects tracking the blurred objects as well as adding texts and music and stickers.

Edit video and export all content to 1080p it’s instantly available in Full HD on your phone.

It does an outstanding job at it and also there’s an excellent job of importing footage. It also has a fresh collection of filters that you can check out. 

I think this is an excellent application that you guys should check out. 


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7.PowerDirector – Video Editor App, Best Video Maker

PowerDirector is a complete best video editor for Android, with an easy-to-use timeline interface, but it can take you some time to get used to the controls. 

However, once you become an expert with this application, you’ll be able to create professional, useful videos in just seconds. 

It has over 30 different effects and transition effects to choose from and add to your video.

Using this application, you can create stunning green screen videos.

PowerDirector also comes with video tutorials for all its functions. 

Most features are available in the free version, but upgrading to the full version allows you to remove floating watermarks, advertisements, and even extract video at 1080 and 4K resolutions. It supports on Android 4.3 and higher.


8.Flamingo Video Maker

Flamingo has a simple user interface with the necessary functions in your hands. Once you start editing a video, you can select a template with a preset song or enter the actual editing.

The Android video editor offers several attractive editing options such as adding multiple songs to one video, adding captions, stickers, GIF files, etc. 

Flamingo Video Maker also offers a separate music section to which users can add music from the app’s extensive library. Once the video is complete, users can export the project to different social network IDs of the video maker.



It is my favourite video editing app it’s called quick from GoPro. It’s much faster than editing on the computer, and it’s powerful with excellent results. You start by reaching the images and then you pick up a template for them.

The template basically what it means is something like the tempo of the video and the transition of how it is handled. It’s fast, and it’s free. Select one of your favourite photos or video clips to create your own stories with Quik.

It comes with automatic video creation features. Cut your clips, add stunning effects, sync text, and instantly combine your videos to the rhythm of each song. Once you’ve made the video, save it to the camera reel at 1080p or 720p.



It is one of the Best Video Editor App for Android. There is no watermark in this video editor. It’s free, it’s new, and it’s dedicated to YouTubers!

Explore your vlogit as a guest, but you’ll get a vlogit watermark at the end of your video. If we don’t want the Watermark, you can sign up via Facebook or email. You can crop your video to the places you want to delete by clicking ‘crop’.

You can reduce or increase the content according to your preferences. You split, which means you can cut your video into two at any time of your choice and then maybe add another video.

Once you’ve finished video editing, create a thumbnail, a cover image for the video you have a chance to create your own thumbnail, and then you can share it by clicking the Share button and you can upload it directly to YouTube or Facebook or wherever you want.


11.Movie Maker

It is another good video editor worthy of being on this list of the best video editing applications in 2020.

The app is 100% free with intuitive video editing tools that are easy to work. The application offers an easy way to create 16:9 video or video for Instagram in a square format.

In general, the application is useful for creating short videos, but it displays a lot of ads that can be very irritating.



VivaVideo has over 200 million users who access the best video editor apps for Android. 

The app is available to help you get the answers to your site’s professional videos from Android. 

It has the beautiful special effects of stickers and filters are for video clips and titles. It creates a slow-motion video and a slideshow. 


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13.PRISM Live Studio

It is available for Android and iOS users. The Watermark can be removed free of charge. That’s exactly right, free of charge. You don’t have to do anything crazy.

The app is great for social media, Or if you start a beginner editor on YouTube. It’s pretty good for TikTok.

You can Slow down a clip a little or play it. The speed function works fine. If you want to do a B-roll, maybe you should slow it down. Or you want to speed up the editing process, Do some kind of disaster effect.

Next to the temporal control, you’ll find the music. If you click on it, The music library opens. It’s Prism Live Studios, and these are royalty-free tracks. you Use them on YouTube videos or where you want to use this app. You have no copyright issues.


14.Adobe Premiere Rush -Video Editor

Adobe Premiere Rush is a premiere video editor for computers. But it comes with a lighter version for the mobiles to edit their videos. It comes with all the necessary features like Trimming, Cut, Titles, Transitions and more.

You can edit videos as you can edit in a computer. It has a feature that you can see the full video by swiping it from left to right. By using this, you can overlap other videos or images.

The main thing about it is you can add voice over externally by using your mobile mike, or you can add external audio or music to it.


15.Alight Motion – Video and Animation editor (Paid)

It is one of the best video editor apps on the list. Because you can edit your videos in 4k, it is the app that can allow you to colour grade your videos add transitions and many more options are there. 

It allows you to edit video in the aspect ratio of 16:9( Youtube videos ), 9:16 ( Instagram stories ), 1:1( Instagram Posts ) and 4:3. It has all the features like trimming, cutting, speed control, border and shadow, blending and capacity.

You can also add effects to your videos, edit particular portions of the video. It is super handy, easy to use.

It comes with default transitions to colour grade your video. You don’t have to worry about colour grading your footage.

The primary and beautiful feature option of this is Chroma Key. By using this, you can edit green screen background or any special effects.


These are the best video editor apps for android from our opinion. There are many other apps are there in the playstore. But the reason for choosing this particular applications for these are superhandy and useful.

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