Top 10 Best browsers for android (Search What Do You Want)

Are you bored with using Chrome Browser and UC Browser? Then this article is for you. In this article, we will share with you the best and exciting Browsers that are entirely free for use.

In these browsers, you can see many features that are not available on Chrome or your native android browser. In some of the below browsers, you can install extensions like desktop chrome browser.

These are secure than the Chrome browser and the native mobile Browser. Unlike Chrome and UC browsers, these browsers are safe and not Spy on your search history.

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The Best Browsers For Android:

Brave Browser


Brave Browser is a free and one of the secure browsers for Android. It is built on the Chromium web browser because of that, the Consumer Interface (UI) is like the Chrome browser.

The home page is clean and simple. You cannot see any meaningless articles or information. It comes with a built-in Adblocker.

That means you cannot see any ads on websites or youtube videos.

What I prefer about this Browser is the look of the toolbar on the back, which is easy to navigate. The homepage looks more beautiful with continuously changing wallpapers on every tab you open.

It comes with a built-in dark mode that helps you to save your eyes from blue light at night time.


Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser is also based on Chromium and WebKit, and the interface is just like Google Chrome.

That interface looks clean and neat. You can install extensions in this Browser like you install extensions in your desktop chrome browser.

The default search engine for this Browser is yahoo. You can change the default browser later on settings.

Like the Brave Browser, it also comes with Built-in Adblocker. You cannot see any nonsense ads in this Browser when you turn on the night mode the browser changes from the white interface to the dark interface.

Another advantage of this Browser is you can translate the webpages from one language to another language.


DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser


Are tired of using google chrome for privacy and security concerns, then DuckDuckGo is for you.

You can surf the internet safely and securely on this Browser. It forces websites to use https and block the Ad trackers from websites, and can in no way monitor your searches.

It also scores certain person websites privately using a rating ranging from “A” to “F.” When you are reached and need to erase the tabs, the wrong button wipes out all open tabs.


Phoenix Browser

phoenix best android browser

The Phoenix browser is best known for its intelligent video detection and downloading function, which helps you locate the video on the website and displays a button to download the video.

In addition to YouTube, you can download videos from almost any website, including Instagram and Facebook.

The Phoenix browser saves you a lot of mobile data. In other words, the more you browse the more data you save. It is the most favorite feature in this browser.

Phoenix Browser gives super-adaptable search expertise. It’s easy and fast, as you’d expect from any browser.

There are many choices aimed at reducing the use of your cellular knowledge, along with the choice to save no.of entire web pages for later viewing.


Mint Browser


Xiaomi developed the Mint Browser. The Browser has a simple, clear homepage with no pointless junk ads or information feeds.

You can add one of your favorite website links to the home page.

Also, with a single click, you can access YouTube and Video games via shortcuts placed at the back of the toolbar.

Also, you can open web pages in incognito mode by setting it as default.

Like many of the browsers on this list, the Mint browser also features built-in AdBlocker, Night Mode, Information Saving, Translate Web page, and more.

You can download videos from Fb, Instagram, Twitter, and Dailymotion. This feature makes this browser top-of-the-line for downloading videos in 2020.




It is like the Samsung browser, while it is mostly based on Chrome, it has overhauled the interface and added some excellent options.

Vivaldi uses a tab strip on the top, just like desktop browsers, which is particularly useful on tablets or phones in panorama mode.

Also, there is a backside panel for performing key functions with out reaching the top of the screen.


Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is an iconic online browser for PC and Mac used by tens of millions of people around the world.

The Android app offers many options that make the desktop model so accessible, along with a truly familiar appearance as well as feel.

You get a customizable homepage that lets you float straight to your most visited websites, along with all the add-ons, along with password managers and Adblockers, that make Firefox a pleasure to use.



This Android Browser is gracing the Play store. For those who love gestures, and would like a faster approach to accessing websites to look no extra.

Dolphin has one thing; not many different browsers have. You’ll be able to assign different actions for different browser gestures.

For example, you can enter the DuckDuckGo search engine by drawing a letter D on the show. For those who draw a letter “B,” the Browser Bing can open for you.

These are just a few examples if you can set these actions no matter what you need.

There are different choices included here, different letters that you would be able to reap the benefits of.

By doing this, Dolphin allowed customers a very quick strategy to access certain websites. So, assign varied letters to your favorite sites, and you too are ready to go.

Moreover, this Browser has a very lovely looking USER INTERFACE. Themes are supported by Dolphin, just like the “Fast Share” feature.

This Browser also helps one thing known as “Sonar.” That is mainly Dolphin’s voice search feature that allows you to access certain websites by speaking with your Browser.

These are just some of the options. Dolphin gives you, as this is one of the most feature-rich browsers for Android.




Flynx is a go-to mobile browser for heavy Internet users. What’s the reason? Because of the multitasking Reasonably, then you take to the web page, the masses of web pages on the facet of the screen, and when you’re prepared, you tap it.

This saves considerable time and means that you pay attention to one article at a time. It also blocks advertisements on article pages and eliminates irrelevant content to learn articles with breaks.

Apart from, it can save you studying articles for the future. The app can translate pages into as many as 15 languages from German, Spanish, and Chinese.

As such, it turns out to be ideally suited for use in the world. So, if you’re concerned about the analysis, that’s the right selection for you.


Puffin Web Browser

Many Android prefer this Browser because of its fast-looking speed. It also has robust knowledge encryption mitigating hacking probabilities.

It even lets you enjoy watching public wifi. The app uses cloud servers not only for faster speed but in addition to monitoring you when watching.

The downside of this app is that it requires you to activate the location for a personalized feed. Besides, external advertisers can display related ads.

Moreover, you generally lose the referral to their servers, which unfortunately affects the viewing speed and consumer expertise.



These are the Top 10 best browsers for android available on the Playstore. These browsers can make your browsing experience more secure and comfortable.


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